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Let’s bring DeFi to Bitcoin

Decentralized finance or DeFi has been at the epicentre of the latest bull-run, unlocking $45B in value and counting. Bitcoin is the #1 cryptocurrency making up nearly half of the total market. Despite this, its potential has remained untapped. Enter RootSwap.

What is RootSwap?

RootSwap is the most powerful Automated Market Maker and Decentralized Exchange built on the RootStock (RSK) sidechain. Now, Bitcoin holders can lock up their BTC on the mainnet, get credited an identical amount of rBTC, and trade or stake safely without having to trust a third party.

We are leveraging the security of the Bitcoin blockchain and the flexibility of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to create the world’s first AMM on Bitcoin Blockchain.


The next step in Bitcoin innovation

RootSwap is to Bitcoin what Uniswap is to Ethereum or Pancake Swap is to the Binance Smart Chain. Leveraging the security of the Bitcoin blockchain and the flexibility of the Execution Virtual Machine (EVM), RootSwap is slated to be the best AMM on the RSK network.

Bitcoin ...

$1Trillion unlocked

That’s the current estimated value resting on the Bitcoin blockchain. With RootSwap on the RSK network, we’re able to bring better scalability to the biggest currency on the market.


Trade any tokens on RSK or ERC20 networks

Liquidity Mining

Become a market maker, receive LP tokens, and stake them to earn money.


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